eAssetz Management Software

Asset Accounting
  • Cost Break-up
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Split
  • Gain / Loss on Sale
  • Capital WIP
  • Dept./ Cost Centre
  • Vendor (Procurement and service) Information
  • As per Companies Act
  • As per Income-tax Act
  • Retrospective Change in Rate
  • in Method
  • in Classification
  • Prospective Change
  • Two Additional Dep. Books

Asset Tracking

  • Asset Details
  • Warranty / AMC / Insurance
  • Physical Verification
  • Instant Asset Tracking
  • Bar Code and RFID Tracking
  • Asset Tagging
  • Lease and Rental Information
  • Vendor (Procurement and service) Information
  • License Management
  • Contract Management :-

Field Asset Inventory
Asset details (i.e. type, serial number, description)
Lease & rental information
Supplier and maintenance provider
Instant asset tracking
Asset Tagging
Barcoding & RFID tracking
Field Verification of Existing Data
Data Conversion
Monitor your licenses and equipment
License management
Contract management
Movement tracking
Track Assets by Location, Department, Person Responsible, Category, or 30 user-defineable fields
Works from anywhere with internet access
Get up and running instantly

Asset Reconiliation Services
  • Labeling existing Assets with human readable tags
  • Ignoring Non Capital Assets in the current asset records
  • Consistency maintenance in asset description data
  • Grouping of Assets in current records
  • Current records are seriously out of date
  • Existence of Asset records in several systems
  • Disciplined Approach
  • Your Staff or Ours

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