About EdMine Solutions LLP

EdMine Solutions brings Innovations in Education by providing turnkey solutions for computer aided learning to learners of all age groups in schools, colleges and various educational institutions with web/internet based services like assessments, tutoring, tests, e-learning platforms, digital content solutions

We are committed to create a new wave in the domain of education by providing end to end solutions for content, methodology, delivery technology and assessment.

To design innovative learning solutions and tools that enhances and revamps the learning experience. Re-invented experience of learning is accomplished with specially designed products which facilitate active participation by the learners
To create tools of sharing knowledge which include all personalized social media platforms like mobile phones, internet, IPtv and gaming consoles

With curriculum becoming more fluid and situational, we strive to emphasise skill based learning path.

To help facilitate better communication between educators and learners and which allow many-to-many interactions for learners to benefit from peer and expert interactions