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At Knoture we continually look for new ways to deliver learning to modern learners on the move. The development in smartphones and devices such as the iPad are increasing the various ways in which learning can be delivered to learners, and we have been helping our clients take advantage of the opportunities they provide.
Potential benefits?
The benefits of delivering learning and support via mobile devices include:
  • Access any time, anywhere – makes learning available in new situations, making use of ‘non-places’
  • Just in time reinforcement and reminders – great for product knowledge, compliance updates and performance support
  • Location specific opportunities including use of QR codes
  • Extending the learning blend experience
  • Using cameras and video for user-generated content and informal learning

Design Considerations
Here are 5 quick tips for effective mobile learning design:
  • Easy & Intuitive: We recognize mobile learners and fitting learning around other things by limiting any individual module to 10-15 minutes.
  • Keep it simple:We adopt screen size restrictions to make a minimum no. of options and interactions (no more than 1-2) available for the user.
  • Media: We use rich media- one of the greatest advantages of modern smart phones to illustrate learning points in our audio and video animations.
  • Features: Our designs look to get learners connected with the topic, communicate with each other, upload information, use geo location for place-specific guidance, create and share their own content e.g. photos, audio, video, SMS and text and even make phone calls with the communication features available on the phone.
  • Update learning: Updating mobile learning is relatively simple, and it’s a great way to push updates on product knowledge, legislation and key information to learners - they’re more likely to check their phone for 2 minutes for a quick refresher than to go into the LMS to find it.
  • Blend with the rest: Mobile learning in our view is often best deployed as part of a blend. For example, our health and safety e-learning mobile app acts as performance support tool by providing fast access to key information.

Delivery options
You have a number of delivery options ,influenced by the mobile devices you are delivering to. Mobile platforms like Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Android and Blackberry can be delivered either by a native app or a web app using html 5 (similar to a native app) designed to work across all mobile devices.

The new Financial Times web app operates very much like a native App when accessed by an iPhone or iPad. Built in html 5, the new web app takes advantage of developments in the technology and various features available in the latest iOS version of the Safari browser including offline caching of stories, subscription storage, scrubber menus, smooth scrolling and navigation, action buttons and pop-ups.

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